Most of the answers on one page

Chris Lydle has been in the photo business for more than 50 years


If you want the book, here’s the page


Q: How nervy is Chris Lydle to think he’s got all the answers?

A: I don’t know all the answers, but I’ve been in the photo industry for a long time and in the photo booth business since 2009.

From 1974 until 2017 I operated Chris’ Camera Centers in New Jersey and South Carolina. I added photo booths, almost as a lark, in 2009.

When I “retired” from the camera shop side I kept the photo booth business because I truly enjoy it.

Some other credentials:

  • Long-time chair of the Certified Photographic Consultants Society
  • Past President, Digital Imaging Marketing Association
  • Past President, Photo Marketing Association Dixie Division
  • Publisher of the Photo Image News Network
  • Editor of the McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange

and I wrote a lot of  blog postings for Cherie Irwin’s site Photobooth Talk. That site is a wealth of knowledge, and it got started long before FaceBook became the photo boother’s preferred way of asking the same questions time and time again. Some of my articles can be really useful if you can only find them.

So here’s a directory:

and here’s the entry page for PhotoboothTalk

On site printing is an article I wrote for Shutterbug Magazine. Don’t let the title throw you off, I don’t think printing photos is like printing cash!