All the answers in one book – well, maybe 97% of the answers


Why reinvent the wheel? I’ve done the research for you and you can save a lot of expensive mistakes by slogging through my book “The Photo Booth Book.”

The subtitle is more significant: “a business guide to photo booth rentals.”

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Introduction – my beliefs, prejudices and background
  • Dollars and Common Sense
  • The Birth of the Automatic Photo Booth
  • How I got into the business
  • Evolution of photo booth portability
  • Getting rid of the curtains
  • “Booths” becoming smaller
  • Booths built around iPads
  • iPad photo booth software
  • Mirror Booths
  • Booths that don’t have legs
  • Photo Booths on Wheels
  • Try before you buy – what are the guts of a photo booth?
  • Let’s add a real camera
  • The light you use makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos.
  • The Rest of the System – other components
  • What the guest sees – program “screens”
  • Fundamentals of photo strip design
  • Your choice of hardware affects your designs:
  • Darkroom Photo Booth Software
  • So you’re going to build the perfect photo booth
  • Curtains for a travelling photo booth
  • Printers for the professional photo booth
  • Thirteen Rules to Minimize Printer Problems
  • What does the computer software do?
  • Computers for the photo booth
  • Building your own photo booth in 7 days
  • A convertible (height) photo booth
  • Should you buy or build your first photo booth?
  • Sources for complete photo booths
  • Additional vendors of complete photo booths:
  • What else goes with you to the venue
  • Props raise the level of fun
  • Albums and Guest Books
  • Camera Adjustments and trouble-shooting
  • Like the Boy Scouts – “Be Prepared”
  • Transporting your photo booth
  • Who will operate your photo booths?
  • Pricing – what is your service worth?
  • Promotion
  • White Labeling
  • Your Web Site
  • The Wedding Expo
  • E Mail Correspondence
  • Additional Resources
  • Useful Forms
  • Business Requirements

You’ll save a lot more than the cost of the book!

How to buy for $29